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You guys, the sun’s finally out—and staying out. You know what that means (besides an onslaught of tweets about the weather). It’s time to purchase some accessories, hopefully trendy, that will freshen up your usual summer wardrobe. And since few things are as synonymous with sun and fun as a pair of killer shades, I am suggesting you check out of the new remastered Ray-Ban Clubmaster ray ban sunglasses fake. The iconic browline-style shades have been worn by rockstars and cultural intellectuals (and, of course, Bruce Willis’s private-eye character in the 1980s TV series, Moonlighting) alike since the ’50s. And now they are available for the first time in wood. The retro-inspired, bold upper frame (most commonly sold and worn in black acetate fake ray ban sunglasses) now comes in three choices of wood: walnut, maple, and cherry. Plus, color lens choices range from green to grey and brown. The result: something truly shareworthy. (replica ray ban sunglasses)

Rand Paul stops selling $150 ‘Rand-Ban’ sunglasses after ray ban sunglasses fake throws shade

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Take a good, long look at just how cool Rand Paul looks in that photo because it may be the last time you see him in Ray-Bans.

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The sunglasses company asked Paul’s campaign to stop selling Wayfarers on its website, where they were going for $150 a pair. The “Rand” logo was etched onto the sunglasses without Ray-Ban’s approval.

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But Ray-Ban wasn’t down, and now Paul supporters will have to squint through the rest of his 2016 presidential campaign. Or at least until they find another brand they like.

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The sunglasses were on sale on the website as late as Tuesday, according to The Hill, but Paul’s team has since removed them. It’s alright, though. At least you can still get this totally awesome T-shirt.

After fake ray ban sunglasses complaint, Rand Paul’s campaign store pulls custom sunglasses

Among 12-packs of “Rand on a Stick” freedom paddles, NSA Spy Cam blockers, and other quirky paraphernalia, presidential candidate Rand Paul’s online campaign store also sold a product at “the intersection of politics and cool” — Rand-branded Wayfarer sunglasses. But after a complaint lodged by eyewear manufacturer Ray-Ban, the campaign store has pulled them from its virtual shelves.

“When we learned that the Rand Paul campaign was selling Ray-Ban sunglasses imprinted with the “Rand” logo without our consent, we sent them a formal request to remove the product from their site, which they did promptly,” Jane Lehman, spokesperson for Ray-Ban public parent company Luxottica, told CBS News in a statement.

Ray-Ban asked the Rand Paul campaign to remove the glasses after its parent company was first alerted to their existence by CBS News. Lehman also told CBS News that selling ray ban sunglasses fake merchandize with the “Rand” logo was actually illegal.

“Ray-Ban is not at all a political brand – we’re focused on making sunglasses that people love,” the spokesperson told CBS.

The campaign was selling the fake ray ban sunglasses eyewear for $150 — a price the campaign acknowledged was “more than you might normally pay for sunglasses.” The store noted in a caption that the allure came from the fact that glasses were “indelibly marked with the Rand Brand.”

One photo on the campaign’s site depicted President Kennedy wearing the popular Ray-Ban shades.

“You and I may not be Jack Kennedy, but Rand likes replica ray ban sunglasses and now we can all own Rand branded buy fake ray ban sunglasses,” the website read. The glasses are not “made in the U.S.A.,” but are actually manufactured in Italy.

Paul, whose draw with younger demographics has provided a launching pad for his recently-announced presidential campaign, uses the store to raise money for his 2016 White House bid.

Paul’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.